The following contains your new Vendor Name and License information for the distribution of your NinjaScript Add Ons.
Vendor Name: AssistedTrades
Vendor License: 20415067B3144F9381EE5564065C3654

To get started with Vendor Product Licensing, follow the steps below.

1. Install Vendor Licensing 
Vendor licensing is handled via a NinjaScript Add On. The Vendor Licensing Add On is installed via the same process as importing any NinjaScript Add On. Click here to download the Vendor Licensing Zip file:

Once downloaded, install the Add On by going to the NinjaTrader 8 Control Panel > Tools > Import NinjaScript Add-On and select the Vendor Licensing Zip file. Now you may begin authorizing users of your custom Add On through NinjaTrader. To access the Vendor Licensing window in NinjaTrader 8 please go to the NinjaTrader Control Center’s Tools menu and select Vendor Licensing.

2. Code Obfuscation
We recommend Secure Team’s product Agile.NET for code obfuscation protection software for NinjaTrader 8. This is an added level of security to help prevent your custom add on from being reverse engineered while distributing your products. Agile.NET runs in the background once installed, all that needs to be done once installed is to checkmark “Protect compiled assembly” when exporting the NinjaScript.

The cost for Agile.NET is $100 annually. Please visit the following link to download Agile.NET for NinjaTrader 8:

The obfuscation is optional.  
We offer a discounted rate for qualified vendors for this service.
If you wish to do so, you can use your own obfuscation techniques.

3. Quality Assurance Test 
Once your NinjaScript assembly is locked, please send a “customer ready” version for us to test and include the following to ensure the testing is completed efficiently:

  • Is your Add On for NinjaTrader 8 or NinjaTrader 7?
  • Which NinjaScripts are included in the .zip?
  • Which specific NinjaScripts need testing?
  • Specify which NinjaScripts should be using the Vendor Licensing check for authentication?
  • Anything else we should know about your zip file? (i.e. should it be used on specific timeframes or specific markets?) 

Please add the following Machine ID’s for our quality assurance testing:
NT DEV AP: A0DCC8637BE7BC90DEE6464329C3A044
NT DEV PH: DA9C9F97C6B5CA06DF49B8724951E018

Help Resources and FAQ
Vendor Licensing Quick Start Guide:
Vendor Licensing FAQ:
NinjaTrader 8 Vendor License Help Guide:
NinjaTrader 7 Vendor License Help Guide:



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